The Pines, Cambridge Ontario Wedding Photography

Daniella and Adrian's love story is one of the stories that I personally adore. It was a summer love story. They met at a summer camp where Daniella has  been working at for the past 2 summers. It was Adrian's first summer at the summer camp.

" definitely wasn't love at first sight." 

Long story short, Adrian fell in love with Daniella first who wasn't ready to enter into something very serious. However, Adrian was persistent. As the summer came to an end, Daniella slowly realized that she was falling for Adrian too. 

With 6 hours distance apart, neither of them thought they would make it long term. However, Adrian didn't like the idea of being away from Daniella so he decided to move where Daniella was. They went to school together, they lived together.

"...we were even crazy enough to get two dogs together. We've been together ever since. It wasn't always easy, but its always been worth it."