If you are getting married and you are not certain what happens on the wedding day, let me share with you the things you should expect from a photographer’s point of view.

When you are planning your wedding with your partner or with your wedding planner, you should also consider asking for your wedding photographer's opinion. If your photographer doesn't have anything to say.... why are you hiring them?

There are many factors during the big day that photographers should ask their bride for things that they would like to be implemented.

Here is my list of things I always ask my brides prior to their wedding day.

Getting ready stations

  1. Always have organized getting ready areas for clean beautiful pictures. 
  2. Usually, depending on the location, I always ask the brides to set up their getting ready or hair and make-up near the biggest window available in the room. This fits perfectly with my photography style which is romantic, clean, bright and modern. 
  3. Must have clean station! It’s a lot nicer than having dirty laundry in the background. I suggest have a designated area where you can store all the unnecessary stuff!
  4. Have the following items available for detailed wedding shots:
    • rings
    • shoes
    • invitation cards
    • flowers
    • other small items needed for detailed shots

Let your guests know about the itinerary

Usually what happens after the ceremony is that the couple will get swarmed by the guests. Making an announcement to the guests and asking them if they could head to the reception area after the wedding ceremony is usually the best idea. This way, the bride, groom and the bridal party will have enough time with the photographer for the bridal party photoshoots. The guests will have lots of time during the reception.

Prepare a shot list for the formal family photos

This makes everyone’s life a lot easier especially after the ceremony. To avoid chaos during family photoshoots, it is best to have a list of the names of the family members. This way, we could easily go through the list and call out the names of the family members one by one.

Lastly, take a deep breath, and enjoy your big day. I always tell my brides this, "planning is done, and you shouldn’t worry anything on the big day and just let everything happen as they should."