Coffee Shop Engagement Photography Ideas | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

I remember the first time I got the facebook message from Elissa inviting me to photograph their engagement. At this point, they would have been my third engagement and wedding photography clients. It was definitely a very flattering feeling given that she had mentioned that she saw Wendy and Mark’s wedding pictures and she loved it. I thought that was very sweet and small compliments like that definitely helped me boost my confidence. 

I am slowly starting to realize that people really resonate to my work positively. Then I started to see a future in photography.

Guelph has a very special place in Elissa and Trevor’s hearts. So when we were discussing the possible locations where we could do the photos in, we all agreed to do some in downtown Guelph. Other locations are the guelph lake, coffee shop and the beach. 

When I asked Elissa and Trevor where they would like their photos taken, they told me I could just take them anywhere and they gave a full total control. Feeling lost and not being repetitive from my previous engagementphoto shoot which was the park, I imagine where would I be taking my photos if I were to go on a date. So I took them first to a coffee date, then walk in the beach and the lake.

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