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Get to know me…

Yani Macute Photography, based in Toronto, Canada, has been a wedding photographer for over 7 years. Being a wedding photographer is the most fulfilling job in the world. I specialize in natural light photography, soft lighting, and documentary style photography. I am also very fond of editorial photography and fun creative type of photography.

My work is mostly in a documentary style. My style is clean, modern and romantic, while being fun and authentic. I don't pose the couples very much, allowing the images to be as natural as possible. He is very friendly and loves interacting with the clients.  I try to captures the essence of the special day and the genuine emotions and candid moments. "Weddings are the happiest day in a couples lives, why not show it in every photo." 

I went into photography not thinking that I could make money out of it. I first went into photography just because I fell in love with all aspects of it. Creativity, art, beauty and the feeling of great satisfaction that it provides. Money and other financial aspect of photography came second to me when people started hiring me for photography services such as weddings, birthday, portraits and other especial events. For the longest time, I was doing photography and offering my services for free because I don't really see it as a job. I am in such a happy place every time I click that shutter.

You can guarantee that the moment you decide to book me as your photographer, I will be with you every step of the way.   

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