My first ever maternity pregnancy photoshoot. There’s a lot of firsts in my photography career this year. I just recently did my first ever newborn baby photoshoot earlier this year and of course I filmed the behind the scenes of it.

For this pregnancy photoshoot, I knew that I wanted it to be extravagant, dramatic and with some fashion photography influence into it. I also wanted it to be perfect since it I was my very first maternity / pregnancy photography.

Pregnancy Maternity Photoshoot Toronto Photographer-1.jpg

 I ended up deciding on three looks. I asked Natasha to bring some of her stuff, which I usually do instead of buying new stuff just for the photoshoot. I asked her to bring all the outfits you see in the pregnancy pictures. The only thing that I bought was the white fabric which we used for the dramatic maternity photography.

The maternity / pregnancy photoshoot took place in my condo. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to film the behind the scenes for the pregnancy photo shoot because… I don’t know. I quickly regretted this in the end because I wish I could show you that you don’t need a studio, expensive lighting and proper backdrop to create a great photograph. Maybe I’ll do a youtube tutorial… Stay tuned! J in meantime, here are the pictures.