Here are my go-to camera gear and equipment that I use for my wedding photography. 


1. Canon 85mm 1.8
This lens is one of my favourite lenses for taking portraits. The 85mm has a nice enough zoom on a full frame camera body, and has a beautiful bokeh background. This is also perfect for when you are taking behind the scenes photos during getting ready or during reception on a wedding day. 

2. Canon 50mm 1.2L USM
After purchasing the canon 50mm 1.2L. I pretty much don't remove it from my camera body. It has become my all around go-to lens for portrait, fashion, editorial, getting ready and especially wedding photography. The 1.2 aperture definitely beats the 1.8 aperture of the 85mm (50mm bokeh review)

If you haven't noticed it yet, I loved my prime lenses...

3. Canon 24-70mm 2.8L II USM
If you are a wedding photographer, YOU NEED THIS LENS. The 24mm is wide enough on a full frame body to capture big group shots like family portraits. Also, the aperture stays in f2.8 which is perfect for low light conditions during receptions on a wedding day. This lens is very versatile and it is perfect for every day all around lens. If you use this lens for events such as weddings, this will save you so much energy and time. I have photographed an entire wedding by only using this lens! 

Camera Bodies:

1. Canon 5D Mark II
My first full frame DSLR camera! definitely love this. If you have the funds or planning to make photography as your full time job, I highly recommend to invest in a full frame camera!

2. Canon 60D
NEVER ever leave your house without a back-up camera if you are photographing weddings or any big special events. TRUST!


1. Canon 430ex II External Flash
2. Flash diffuser

3. Chargers
4. Batteries
5. Memory Cards