Wedding photography is one of the most stressful jobs out there... if you are not prepared. Things could easily go south on a wedding day for someone and you do not want to be that person. Especially if you are the photographer.

Here is my wedding photography workflow:

1. Prep your gear!

This includes charging all your batteries, clearing up all your memory cards and making a list of the things you are bringing to the wedding. This way, you could just easily cross out the ones you've already put in your bag and this would prevent you from forgetting any photography equipment during the wedding day. I usually do this the night prior the wedding.

2. Shoot!

On the actual wedding day you want the clearest mind as possible. To achieve this 'clear mind' status. I would highly recommend getting to know the wedding itinerary and ask the bride or someone for the wedding shot list especially for the formal family photos.

3. Same day wedding photos edit!

In my photography workflow, I have just incorporated the same day edit. This includes at least 100 photos as a proof to the client to show them a sneak peek of the day. This excites both the clients and the clients' family and friends. Everyone is excited to see the photos period... so if you wait 6 months to deliver the photos, everyone won't be as excited especially in a world full of smart phones, instagram and snapchat... this is bad promotion on your end.

4. Full Edit!

This is when I starting editing all of the photos and deliver all the edited photos to the clients. This usually takes me about 2-3 weeks. I don't want to wait that long because again... people won't be as excited to see the wedding photos as much anymore.

5. Back-up!

Lastly, I back up all the wedding photos. I back up both raw flies and edited files. I only save the raw files for one year because ain't nobody got money to keep in buying external harddrives.