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If you are just starting your photography, writing your photography contract is probably one of your challenges. It was definitely mine when I first started.

Here are some tips on how to write or things you should add to your wedding photography contract or any type of photography contract.

I have separated them in each topics with bullet points.

1.       Photography Contract for Services

a.       All rights to proofs, final or sample prints shall remain the property of [NAME OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS]

b.      Photos shall not be used for advertising, display or any other purpose other than personal enjoyment.

c.       If [NAME OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS] can no longer perform the services due to illness or injury, [NAME OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY] will return all fees to the clients but shall have no further liability with respect to this agreement.

2.       Waiver and Indemnification

a.       Clients if any, shall hold harmless, [NAME OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS] from any and all claims for damages arising out of the performance of any of the services…

3.       Photography Deposits and Reserved Time

a.       Upon signing the contract [NAME OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS] will reserve the time and will not make any other reservation on the day of your event.

b.      All deposits are non-refundable

4.       Wedding Photography Session

a.       Put down the deposit amount, and the rest of the payment amount on the day of the shooting.

b.      List the start time of the session and the end time of the session.

5.       Day of The Session

a.       List down everything you would want your client to do for the day of the session. For example:

 i.      He/She has to be at the location on time

ii.      What happens if she’s late

iii.      Outfit she has to wear and how many outfit changes

6.       Photography Payment and Packages

a.       Mention when the client will receive the photos (before or after full payment)

b.      Purchasing of packages. Let them know if they can upgrade to a bigger package or if they are allowed to downsize to a smaller package.

7.       Receiving all The Photos

a.       Let the client know when they should expect their photos.

8.       Breaks and Meals

a.       Make sure you clarify in your contract when you should be getting breaks and meals.

b.      In my contract, I mentioned that the client should agree to provide refreshments or a meal for any event over 5 hours.

9.       Extra Time

a.       If your client requires extra time, let them know how much they should pay per hour for each our extra.

10.   Photography Colouring and Retouching

a.       Specify what time of colouring and retouching you will be providing the client. If you are doing basic colour edits or if you do extensive Photoshop body changing edits.

11.   Photography Styles

a.       If you want full control of your images and your editing styles, you should specify that by booking you as their photographer, they should agree to your style of photography and editing and tones. (I’ve actually had a client who didn’t bother looking through my portfolio first before booking me… Huge drama!)

12.   Weather and Session Changes/Locations

a.       Let them know if you are open to changing locations if weather happens to be horrible on the day the shoot is scheduled.

13.   Clients Cooperation

a.       This is pretty much a statement saying that if your client doesn’t cooperate during the shoot, it is not your responsibility for photos not taken during the photoshoot session.

14.   Photography Files Transfer

a.       Let your client know your method of file transfer (Online download, USB, CD… etc)

15.   Refunds

a.       This highlights your rules and regulations for refunds.

b.      What I wrote is… “if you are not satisfied with your photos, you may be refunded half of the total package if the issue stems on the photographers end…

16.   Client’s Usage

a.       Make it clear that your pictures are for personal use only and not for sale.

17.   Signatures.