Fairy Lights Photo Shoot Tutorial | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

The Fairy Lights photo shoot is probably the most posted, the most recreated and the most viewed photo shoot online. Many photographers online have been recreating this shoot and I don’t blame them. It is very pretty, ethereal and it gives your picture a very pretty look. 

Here are a detailed tips on how to recreate the fairy lights pictures.

1. Camera Equipment

Make sure you are using the right equipment. When you are trying to recreate the fairy light photo shoots, you wanna create a very blurred background or as photographers like to call it, a very ‘bokeh’ background. This simply means that your subject is in focus, and the background is very blurred out.

To achieve the ‘bokeh’ look, I would highly recommend using a lens that has a very shallow depth of field. Meaning your lens should have a very wide aperture. Lenses that have f1.8, f1.4, f1.2 apertures are the perfect lenses. The lower the number, the better your ‘bokeh’. 

You can use any DSLR camera body.

2. Distance

To get the pretty bokehlicious lights, and blurred background, you want to stand preferably an arm length from your model. This way, you can achieve those round shaped bokehlicious lights. 

3. Lights

After you have your distance figured out, you would like to ask your model to hold the other end of the lights and you (the photographer) hold the other end. Position the lights in a way that it is coming fro your model to your lens and make sure to focus on your model. Meaning, anything that is away from your model, they are all out of focus which causes to form perfectly rounded ball of lights. 

4. Be Creative

Lastly, there’s so many ways to position your model and the fairy lights in the picture. Use you imagination and be creative!