Hey guys, here is an unboxing video of my Canon M6 camera. I also included in the video my reaction and first impression of the Canon M6 Mirrorless Camera.

My first impression of the Canon M6 camera is that, it is very light and compact. Based on reading the specs of the Canon M6, it amazes me how a camera this small could be so powerful. 

I love travelling and doing vlogs since I started getting serious on youtube. The way I would document my travels before is by bringing my big DSLR camera which is the Canon 5D Mark II. Obviously, the Canon 5d Mark II has great qualities, it produces great, sharp, high resolution images. However, the major and obvious con of this camera is that it is heavy and bulky. When I'm travelling, I find this very annoying. So, I decided use my iPhone 7 instead when I travel, but the major con is it doesn't produce great high resolution images as a DSLR should. 

Long story short, after a long search in the inter-web, I stumbled onto the world of mirrorless cameras. Apparently, many online articles and online reviews say that mirrorless cameras are the new deal when it comes to videos. 

3 months later, I travelled with the Canon M6, produced 50+ youtube videos and took pictures with it... and I got no complains.