"Who to impress if you are photographing a wedding?"

This questions just suddenly came into my mind when I was editing and going through my wedding photos. I remember during the wedding day, I had this conversation with one of the bridesmaids and she told me the story of the wedding photographer of the wedding she had attended the weekend prior... and then I thought, "hmm, I wonder how many weddings she attended this year?" Then I realized that bridesmaids must have encountered many different types of photographers in their lifetime. 

Photographers always hear that the bride is the person you must impress the most when you are photographing a wedding. I believed this from the very first part of my wedding photography career up to this blog post and for the most part this is true. Yes, the bride is usually your boss when you are photographing a wedding, but if you think of it, brides only get married once (usually). Bridesmaids however, they have already probably attended many weddings before. Meaning, they have also encountered many different types of photographers with different personalities, different interpersonal skills, friendliness level and photo taking skills. 


Here are the reasons why Bridesmaids are the ones you should impress the most:


  • Bridesmaids might have encountered many photographers in the past

Bridesmaids know the type of photographers that work well with the bride and the party and they get to compare you with the previous photographers they have worked with.


  • Bridesmaids have great influence with the Bride's decision

Bridesmaids are usually best friends of the bride. After comparing you to the previous photographer they have already worked with, they get to decide whether they like you or not. Whatever the decision is, expect that this decision will be sent to the bride. Maybe not on the day of the wedding but for sure she will know. 

  • Bridesmaids talk

Not just bridesmaids but people talk. The last thing you want from your wedding clients is referrals. So do the best you can and be as friendly as possible.