How Easy is Photography? | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

This is a fun video that my partner and I did when I got tired of hearing from everyone that photography is easy and it is such a saturated market now because everyone has access to a camera.

Do you agree?

Yes I agree that everybody has access to a camera now, we all see them on our phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. However, last time I checked, going into a wedding with only your iPhone 7 still doesn’t look professional when you are photographing a wedding... at least not yet.

The point I want to share is that, photography could be not that easy. Some people go to school, spend hours reading articles and watching tutorials especially when you are dealing with a DSLR camera. I learned my photography skills through the internet. Youtube has been my teacher. :)

Hope everyone takes photography seriously and hope you enjoy this video. :)