Canon 5D Mark II | Unboxing Video | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

Hey guys! In this video, I am unboxing my Canon 5D Mark II that I bought off Kijiji! :) It is a second hand canon camera body. There is definitely no wrong in buying 2nd hand camera equipment given that most camera gears are so expensive! Most of my camera equipments are all second hands and they definitely work just fine.

I’ve had my Canon 60D for almost 6 years before I upgraded (which was also, a 2nd hand) and now, I have a full censor camera. You have no idea how much of a difference it is having a full censor camera body. One of the biggest pro about having a full censor camera body is, everything seems to be not compressed and I mostly don’t struggle in keeping everything inside the frame! :) You definitely notice the difference right away! 

Hope you enjoy!