How to Photograph Colored Smoke Bomb Photos | Tutorial | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

Behind The Scenes

If you haven’t seen or read the blog about the behind the scenes of this photo shoot, please click the link above.

I definitely did a lot of research before doing the photo shoot because these smoke bombs were a bit pricy and some of them only lasted 10 seconds, 30 seconds was the max. 

Tips on photographing smoke bombs:

1. Find a Shaded Location

Location is important in photographing smoke bombs and I suggest looking for a very shaded area for the smoke to be more visible. Or if there’s no shaded areas near you, I suggest waiting for an overcast day. What I am saying here is, just avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is just not your best friend… usually, and this goes for every single photo shoot. You should not… or for me at least, I never shoot in broad daylight! So when you are photographing Smoke Bomb Photo Shoot during a broad daylight, your smoke colours will not show up as much in photos and colour will be less vibrant.

2. Get Your Settings Right Before Poppin’ The Bomb

When you pull the trigger for the smoke bomb, you only have a very limited amount of time! Some of the bombs only lasts 10 seconds and some are 30 max. No matter how good and fast you are that’s not really a lot of time to be changing your settings and taking your photos at the same time. 

3. Prep Your Model

Since smoke bombs only lasts 10-30 seconds, I would highly recommend talking to your model and directing them before hand and telling them how you would like them to pose. Also, advice them that the smoke only lasts 10 seconds.

4. High Shutter Speed

Since everything is working so fast, probably including your model doing all the possible poses, he/she is probably going to be moving so fast. So having a high shutter speed is beneficial to avoid blurriness.

Smoke Bomb Photos Sample