How To Take Professional Portraits with Built-in Flash | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

When I first started in photography, my equipment were so limited. I only had one camera body which is the canon 60D, 1 canon external flash and three lenses: 1 prime lens, fixed aperture lens, and the kit lens. Aside from wedding photography, I am really into fashion, editorial and beauty photography. I am a huge fan of the show America’s Next Top Model, where I used to get all my photo shoot inspirations from.

The first third party lens that I bought was the Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 lens. When it came, I was so excited to try it in a photo shoot so I asked two friends of mine who I thought have fabulous model features. I wanted to do a dramatic natural beauty shoot with only 1 light source. Also, because I don’t know any makeup artists and I wasn’t willing to pay for a makeup artist then, that’s why I decided to have a natural no makeup beauty shoot session! :) 

On the day of the photo shoot, since I didn’t have a lot of equipment to achieve the beauty shoot and the type of lighting that we all see in the fashion photography magazines, I was only using my canon flash. I asked the model to sit against a plain white wall, and bounce the light off a white door. What you see in the photos below, the light is very diffused because I bounced it off the white door.

Natural Beauty Photo Shoot