How to Photograph Golden Hour, Backlit Portrait Photoshoot | Behind The Scenes | YANI MACUTE PHOTOGRAPHY

Golden Hour Portrait Photo Shoot | Behind The Scenes

The Golden Hour is the magical hour for portrait photographers. This is the special moment where photographers capture the million dollar photo. 

Being a natural light portrait photographer, the 'Golden Hour' is the type of lighting I strive for. The Golden Hour just makes all my photo very soft, magical, ethereal and lovely which is perfect for portrait photography, wedding, engagement and beauty shoots. 

During the golden hour/sunset, I would recommend to position your model with his/her back facing the sun or what we call the backlit photography. This will result to an even lighting on your model's face. If you photograph your model while he/she is facing the sun, this could result to a very harsh lighting and uneven shadows on your model's face.

The golden hour could sometimes be very challenging. The sun is about the set meaning the sun is directly on your level. If you are photographing backlit, sometimes it is difficult to focus on your model's face and exposure setting could also be challenging. To prevent this from happening, I recommend looking for shaded areas, with lots of trees. The trees will block some of the harshness from the sunset.

Attached video is my behind of the backlit photoshoot that I did with my model Raya. :) enjoy.